With many months before the colonists became self-sufficient in their new habitat, and the relative proximity of the rebel holdings in Hadar, military command successfully petitioned for new fighters suitable to taking out the nearby “Fist of God” outposts. Surveying the system before assault was impossible, and so a full-scale attack was ordered.

Rhizome of Cyan, successful in previous raids against the rebellion, lead his mighty fleet against the well-prepared foes. Though losses were severe, he stood victorious over the aggressors, declaring Hadar rid of their foul orthodoxy. Returning home to repair his beleaguered ships and rest his weary crew, he quickly set his sights upon Edasich and Salluria, planning his next conquests.

Scouts on the other end of the empire announced the discovery of a primitive, industrial-age society inhabiting a smaller planet in the Uqallon system. Debates were held as to whether these savages could pose a threat to our civilization, but cooler heads prevailed, partially bolstered by our recent successes against foes with high levels of technology. What harm could a small planet of polluting machine-users do? Further research and observation was ordered.

Even as the fleet returned to full readiness, a new threat emerged, rebels calling themselves the “Void Pact,” eschewing the peaceful ways of our civilization and announcing their intent to plunder our trade routes – some of which were essential in keeping Hizzel Core operational. Commander Rhizome of Cyan accepted orders to hunt down this new group of would-be terrorists before they could destabilize our entire offworld colony.

The Fist of God and its mind-sick membership had to wait for their turn – the Void Pact and their vagabond-class destroyers quickly descended upon our fleet, wrecking havoc before they, too, fell before our might. Limping back to Alaria for the second time in as many skirmishes, battered but ultimately successful, the Commander demanded a heavier investment into ship upgrades in order to combat whatever threat may arise next.