With the devastating loss of our entire galactic fleet at the hands of barbarous pirates, the empire was divided on how to proceed. Should we devote all of our resources into defense, rebuilding the navy and striking back? Should we concentrate ourselves, stop expanding into the void?

Many questions do not have easy answers, particularly for those with a ground-level understanding of events. For that reason our great civilization turned towards its leaders and their wisdom for guidance. Stalk of Burgundy, our Director-General and head of the scientific council, urged for us to press on, to not let the losses we had suffered dim our spirits or our drive.

He urged careful expansion, solid defense, and committed planning before any further naval battles, be they with pirate raiders or our potential enemies in outer space. He was so sure of our future that he ordered another colony ship to be built, directing it to settle Durbatur III, showing our enemies and allies that setbacks, no matter how great, would not stop us.

Magenta Horizon was promoted to fleet admiral and took command of the “Empire Defense” fleet, swearing to uphold the traditions not only laid down by our long history, but also that which was exemplified by Stalk of Olive himself. His speech to the new troops was short and to the point – there was a very specific job for the military to do, and it was to ensure that the brave scientists who spent day and night in the vastness of space could return to Alar safely, enhancing our civilization with their findings.

At the close of 2257, as journalists and historians waited with baited breath for news about the fledgling colony, deep-space research teams revealed a surprising discovery: long ago a non-space-faring society, fearing the collapse of their civilization, encoded memories and personalities into digital chips, perhaps hoping that, some day, they could be returned.

With our deep understanding of robotics and technology, that day arrived. Voluntarily colonizing the otherwise uninhabitable world of Nigiro III, these new mechanical members of our empire showed a hunger and zest for life, fully understanding how rare their second chance had been. It was a true cause for celebration, particularly among the Free Thought Network, who heralded our decision not to treat these intelligent beings as slaves with parades and victory dinners.