It came as no surprise to military strategists that our bristling navy was able to soundly rout the rebels who tried to make Salluria their home. Unprepared and outgunned, the would-be upstarts could not hope to defeat our armada. Though the opportunity for surrender was offered, the foolish “Fist of God” could never accept returning to the peace and order of proper society, and instead chose to lay down their lives in a fruitless gesture. With their defeat, the Sallurian system was firmly placed under our empire’s protection.

With just one system yet held by the rebel faction, our brightest minds attempted to discern the exact nature of their alliance with the as-of-yet unidentified aliens, whose martial prowess could not be overestimated.

Quietly released to the general public years later, it was during 2222-06 that a survey of Siet VIIIa discovered a previously-unknown and unauthorized research facility staffed by a lone individual identifying himself only as “the Exile.” In return for his cooperation he demanded that no Lavan ships ever return to the rocky moon. After careful consideration, the planetary system having nothing of value and wanting to know what information this mysterious exile had obtained, he was welcomed back by the High Tribute himself, his unknown crimes forgiven.

It is known that he accepted an unknown position within the scientific council and had a great effect on the designs laid out for the successive years.

With the dawning of year 2224, the council announced that through our many surveys of habitable worlds throughout and beyond our empire, top biologists had collected vast amounts of data on alien life. Many of our historic theories on biological development were disproven, new models being created to match our expanding knowledge of the cosmos.

With the grand opening of the Museum of Exobiology on Alaria, the public became enthralled, their donations furthering the search of strange life forms.