The curtain has finally set on the Lavis Union, and their prominence on the galactic stage has ended.

Thank you everyone for joining me on the Lavis Union’s journey into the stars. They didn’t always have a smooth go, particularly there at the end, but their presence made a lasting effect on the universe. When I started writing their story I didn’t know how long it would last – games in Stellaris are chaotic, finicky things, with game-ending scenarios popping up at every turn. I was very pleased to see the Union continue for as long as they did, letting me see quite a bit more of the game and what possibilities it held.

I tallied up all of the Lavis Chronicles posts and their story took just over 19,000 words to explore. I tried to keep the posts short, digestible, particularly for my first long-form story arc, as I grew more comfortable with writing. It was the first big writing adventure I had undertaken since college, and I genuinely hope you found it interesting and engaging.

Unlike most of my other works, I didn’t really have a “point” or specific ethos in mind when writing the Chronicles – events unfolded as they did, both unprompted and unexpected. I tried to weave these milestones into a cohesive narrative, and through the process of writing their tale I learned a lot about what feels right to me as a writer of stories; some things I would stay away from or try to avoid in future pieces, other aspects I really wanted to dive into and explore more fully.

Again, thank you everyone who has ventured into space with me, and a double thank-you for everyone who has donated time and energy into helping me become a better writer!