The Nharr Hemegony, to their credit staying out of the larger conflicts of the galaxy, found themselves crying for our aid in 2430 as their own synthetic creations turned against them. Pulled into an involuntary civil war, the new “Dekron Grid” struck first at their former masters, drawing swift battle lines that shook the isolated empire to its core.

Perhaps spurred on by their electronic brethren across the galaxy, the Greater Qirus dynasty also found themselves amid robotic uprising, the newly-named “XT-489 Savants” demanding recognition as independent, living organisms. When their demands were not met, they turned the weapons of war they had been designed to produce against the very empire that created them. As their sworn allies, it fell upon the Lavis Union and its federation to defend Qirus from these new entities.

Having just synthesized the first AI capable of true leadership within our own ranks, though no such entity had yet gained office, fears ran amok that our research into cybernetic, synthetic, and mesh networking would be our downfall.

Little time passed with such debates however before the Dabbax Reconquerors, rested from their victorious campaigns, turned their attention to Qirus as well, seeking this opportunity to erase another “primitive” culture from the galaxy. In an unprecedented move, the federation gave leadership to the Qirus hierarchy. The reasons behind this stunning political blunder forever remain unknown to historians, and we are only left with the belief that such an ultimately tragic stratagem was born out of fear and rashness.

The vicious and unrelenting Dabbax demanded the ceding of no less than 6 core worlds, the humiliation of several governments, and the complete dismantling of our federation’s military – no doubt a precursor to a more total annihilation.

With their forces encroaching into Lavan space, our fleets were forced to admit we had little hope of defeating the juggernaut bearing down on our homeworlds.