Conquest: a Stone Chorus

After using the two spires to traverse miles and miles in mere minutes, we walked the rest of the way to the edge of the Stone Sea. What was once called the land of Azure now lay in ruin, with choking rivers and collapsing roads having replaced the rolling landscape...

MotW: Bases Loaded

As Harry picked himself off the floor, his keyboard having left deep impressions in his slumbering cheek, he scanned the code he had written in the mad-dash race to find his otherworldly former captor. "I think I've got it," he murmured, wiping crusted drool from his...

Highways and Byways

Waving another late-night traveler across the border, Officer Peters glanced at the large office clock. It was late enough that the only people traveling were either too tired or hyped up on caffeine to lie about their reasons for entering the country, making his...

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A Search for Heaven (Mage Concept)

A Search for Heaven (Mage Concept)

Cultures across the world speak of a time when all peoples were one, united in purpose and strength. Their language was that of Adam, the first namer, in which there was no distinction made between the Signifier and the Signified. It was a language of true things, a...

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Recesses (Part 3)

Motes of dust kicked up by their entrance to the private balcony floated in the dim, gas-lit air of the aged opera house. Madame Opal, the elder vampire who had been continually involved in the development of the San Francisco peninsula from her arrival in the 1840s, stood facing the empty stage far below, as if ignorant of her guests from Sonoma County.

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Moving Clients Forward

An important service my company provides to North Bay businesses is an independent, third-party assessment and inventory of their computer networks and infrastructure. We look at the age of hardware, potentially unwanted programs, how often security patches are...

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Conquest: Banes in the Dark

The spire's entrance was located behind a large gate, effectively sealing it off from the town outside. Rumors persisted about spiritual entities – "Banes" – that would slay any mortal who ventured inside. Stories of monsters hiding in dark places were told across the...

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Recesses (Part 2)

Approaching the foreboding, Victorian-era opera house that remained all but invisible to mortal eyes, the small contingent of Sonoma County vampires felt increasingly unnerved. With broken windows hanging open to the night air and paint peeling off in sheets, the building looked like it hadn’t seen a touch of maintenance or renovation since …

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