Being the new guy in any workplace means learning the ropes, starting with smaller responsibilities and slowly working on up the ladder. Often this means spending time with paperwork, menial tasks, or other low-level projects that don’t carry the zest or prestige of the work assigned to more experienced agents.

As one of the newest members of the team, I was sent to the backwater system of T-IDGH to respond to a blown capacitor call. It was real routine work, the kind that keeps WINGSPAN Delivery Services in business, but flying almost 30 jumps to give a miner a little boost just seemed excessive. But, with no other available junior agents, it was my time to provide the best darn customer service I could, no matter how remote or routine the task.

Arriving in system, I double-checked that I had all of the equipment I’d need – a warp core override relay to make sure there wasn’t electrical blowback during the charge, a full compliment of laser options to meet the client’s exact needs, and even a fun ECM drone to provide some visual entertainment for them while I worked. The bosses always stressed being prepared for any eventuality, and it was important for me to make sure I made a good impression with this client – apparently this was their first time using our services, and I wanted to make sure it was a memorable experience.

I found him sitting near an asteroid field, engines completely stopped. I’m told we see this all the time, miners who push their systems too hard and without appropriate precautions in place. Those mining lasers take an outstanding amount of energy, so when it comes time to return their haul back to base, they don’t have any juice left to power their thrusters. Luckily WINGSPAN Delivery Services is always available to provide space-side service with a smile. We might specialize in rare and hard-to-find equipment, but sometimes we’re able to help out more traditional craft, like for this run.

As I approached the client, I saw that not only was his engine completely drained, he also didn’t have any defenses against possible hostiles that might come across them. Asteroid fields are hotbeds of pirate activity, and it is our aim to always provide the services our clients need, whether or not they were specifically requested. With that in mind I prepared to deliver a complimentary flight of torpedoes. It’s genuinely nice to work for an organization that goes the extra mile when it comes to service, and one that trusts its agents with the ability to upgrade service on the spot without managerial approval.

Locking up their engine to prevent the possibility for more extensive repairs, my sensors told me that pirates had finally taken notice of the powerless miner and were making their way to our location. Waving off the frantic pilot’s assurances that he didn’t need help, I told him it was our job and our pleasure to make sure he received everything he required. I couldn’t remember if mining drones could use torpedoes for self-defense, but I sent several their way just in case. The last thing I would want is for the miner to lose his ships or cargo to pirates.

Closing out my service ticket, I carefully logged the additional support the client received, and that I made sure his stock was safe from local pirate forces. The pilot’s escape capsule warped away without giving thanks or leaving a tip, but I’m told that’s fairly common – our clients are so happy to get underway that they forget to show their appreciation.

All in all, a very good first outing as a WINGSPAN Delivery Services agent. I sure hope my boss will agree.