Hoi chummer, this is Doc Browning from the—ah—cyber clinic down off of Fourth. I haven’t seen your crew in lately, which hopefully means you’re keeping a low profile and things are going smoothly.

I’ve come across something of a—ah—situation and I’m hoping there’s something you might be able to do about it. Recently I’ve had a number of people come in for minor procedures—firmware updates, small tweaks to neural connections, that kind of thing—and they start having real nasty reactions to the antiseptic. In one case “nearly died on the table” kind of reactions.

For my own peace of mind—and reputation—I did some legwork and it turns out all the patients who had these complications all had implants made by Shiawase. I dug a bit deeper and it turns out all the serial numbers trace back to the same manufacturing facility: a big R&D lab a few hours outside of town that opened up last year.

It seems to me that someone is taking either prototype or experimental tech and offloading it to the grey market, either as a way to make a quick nuyen or—what would be much worse—as some sort of unsanctioned field test.

If you could find the truth of the matter and make sure these buggy pieces of tech aren’t finding their way onto the streets any more, I’d be happy to pay you in trade. I know it’s only a matter of time before someone in my community ends up dead.

Never hurts to have a doc owe you one, right?

Let me know, please.

Header image from Pixabay