Finally stabilized and self-sufficient, the colonists on Hizzel Core began plans for their own future expansion in 2212, holding debates on whether to make the planet more hospitable through our engineering technologies or to construct a starport from which they could launch ships of their own. Agreeing with the advice of Alaria’s supreme scientific council, it was decided to make the colony more productive before spreading out further; our home world could provide enough in the way of ships and crew for the time being. As a show of our military might and command of the natural world, the council declared an expansion of our borders to include previously out-of-reach systems such as Jamar and Uyiescapus, now prime targets for scientific and materials study.

After coming across a derelict Yuht colony ship in orbit around an ice giant, our scientists discovered that the species likely never developed faster-than-light technology, relying on cryostasis and their impressively-long lifespans to see them through the rigors of space. Journals wondered what they could have accomplished had they focused their energies on advancement like we had.

While on regular patrol through our newly-expanded empire, Rhizome of Cyan’s fleet sounded alarm as they encountered a previously-unknown space-faring species, piloting large battlecruisers with expert skill. Temporarily dubbed “Zeta Aliens,” our homeworld scientists devoted themselves to understanding this new race. Even the best projections put a workable translation of their language at five years, during which time our navy began quietly building up its arsenal in preparation for war.

Launching a surprise attack against us, the unknown hunters destroyed the 1st Corolla fleet to a man. Rhizome of Cyan quickly became one of the most celebrated admirals in our long history. A new generation of pilots and warriors was sent into the skies in order to take our homeland back from these ultra-aggressive invaders who had so dispassionately challenged our sovereignty. Launching the new Philosoph-class corvettes, our new armada took flight, lead by the renowned Stalk of Olive.

Data from the surprise assassination of our fleet was analyzed and greatly helped our scientists understand the culture of this new life-form, showing great hostility toward our empire. While some clamored for their destruction, others pointed out the relative ease with which they bypassed our previous-generation armour systems and urged caution moving forward. The council weighed all opinions heavily before deciding that these creatures would be studied further before combat was again initiated.