Welcome to my Blog!

Since redesigning my little corner of the internet I have written about all sorts of topics from fantasy stories to reflections on current societal norms. The number one question I get asked by new visitors is “where do I start?” Hopefully on this page you’ll find a great place to begin exploring!

In addition to the suggestions below, all posts on this site are categorized; feel free to use the links found in the sidebar and header menu to view all entries about a particular topic or theme.

Haze (Fiction)

Sometimes a piece really resonates, and that’s how I feel about Haze. A short piece of fiction about people wandering through a fog-shrouded landscape, it remains one of my favorite creations.

Germany (Non-Fiction)

The wife and I spent a week in Bavaria in September, 2017. These posts explore the places, the people, the sights, and the experience of being Americans traveling through Europe for the first time.

Wasteland (Fiction Arc)

A woman waking from cryogenic slumber finds the world she left behind buried in radioactive ash and learns that she must change her outlook on life, hope, and truth, or die. She then makes her choice.

Covert Ops (Fiction Arc)

Two American operatives find themselves caught between an all-powerful drug cartel and the rebels trying to oust them. An episodic story taking place in the Bolivian jungle.

All Fiction and Stories

This page presents all of my fiction work for those who want to explore beyond the confines of here and now. Updated regularly with one-off content and additions to ongoing series.

Shallow Steps (Fiction)

One of my all-time favorite creations, Shallow Steps explores a vampire working up the courage to rejoin modern society after a long hiatus. No previous knowledge of the setting or characters is required!