The Dabbax Ascendancy had long been an empire in decline, their planets failing and ships fleeing at the first sign of opposition. As the Lavis Union celebrated the first days of 2360 however, that all changed. Scattered reports had been received detailing highly advanced Dabbax scouts visiting ancient, ruined worlds.

It appeared they had been preparing, recovering the databanks of survey beacons and automated scouting posts left behind long ago when they retreated to their new borders. They had been gathering information for their unflinching return to the galactic stage.

Now calling themselves the “Dabbax Reconquerers,” fleets gathered, armies mustered, and ancient factories roared to life. For the first time in an age, they looked outwards, beyond their own borders, and toward the galaxy at large, eyeing all other empires as prey to be set upon and devoured.

As they began to descend on weaker neighbors, we stood united against their tyranny, and even welcomed a new civilization to the space age. Calling themselves the Mandasura Empire, they welcomed all of our aid and assistance in growing and developing their culture and their technology. Becoming a vassal state of ours, their birth into the modern era was a ray of hope through the void’s darkness.

With our close allies, the Nharr Hegemony and Interstellar Djunn Confederacy, besieged by enemies, our political scientists demanded that we show true leadership by creating a federation of our own, particularly suited for our needs and those of our neighbors. They surmised it could take upwards of ten years to form the basis of new government, but with encroaching predators from all sides, the empire had little choice but to agree.

With the solemn assent of the science council, work toward building our own federation began in earnest, though wary eyes were always kept for our more militant neighbors, ensuring they did not see opportunity with our change in focus.