On the heels of Stalk of Olive’s successful rout of the crystalline entities from the Vestallus system, our empire established a new frontier outpost on the border of Buvhondon space. While they were incensed at the perceived slight, the many resources and valuable worlds in that region were essential to obtain. With the Nharr State, newly-declared allies of the Lavis Union, bordering the Combine already, the goal was to ensure the hostile Buvhondon species understood that any provocation would lead to a two-front war the likes of which they were unable to survive.

Encounters with new species and races continued, forcing political scientists to almost continually redraw the galactic map. Not only had they to carefully maintain our existing relationships, the minute intricacies of each of our neighbors’ alliances had to be chronicled and updated, lest we be caught unawares by a foreseeable betrayal or unification.

As one of the larger empires in our surveys, the science council knew that our many valuables and perceived galactic status would make us prime targets for assault. Though Stalk of Olive was nearing retirement, aged 70, he continued to serve nobly, advising the council on matters of war, and the prevention thereof. Ours was a race of peace, though at times that peace had to be defended without quarter.

Though he had wanted to personally destroy the last of the Fist of God rebellion, their charismatic leader had slipped out of reach, far beyond the borders of our controlled space. “No life well-lived is one lived without regrets,” he told the graduating academy of 2244, “if nothing else it leaves something for the next generation to do.”

The dean of robotics at Alaria Central Research University announced the development of advanced androids, our understanding of physical and computer sciences propelling automated worker technology to heights never before seen. Soon these wondrous machines would be seen across our empire, assisting and providing for our well-being in innumerable ways.