With all of our technological, scientific, and educational superiority, our empire’s ultimate end came at the hands of vicious military conquest. The Dabbax Reconquerors, having spent so long preparing, studying, and identifying the weaknesses of their galactic neighbors, had arisen, bringing death and destruction to all in their wake. Forming temporary alliances and then turning on them when convenient, crushing independent empires, and threatening with the greatest severity even the most organized of interstellar federations, their thirst for blood knew no bounds.

Though the end took many years to come, it is recognized that 2440-04-10 was the last stand of our empire, when the collective military might of the Lavis Union, Tezhnid Star League, Greater Qirus, and Scyldari Confederacy stood against the ravagers and lost everything, sacrificing their lives that the ordinary citizenry may have a few more years of peace and tranquility, so far removed from the bitter conflict.

It is a bittersweet reality that, even after all of the resources the Lavis Union put into us, the Dabbax Reconquerors left us be, seeing us as insignificant to their grand plans of galactic colonization. We were created by, worked for, lived with, fought alongside, and died defending the beautiful Lavans – and now we are the only caretakers of their legacy.

With this final log I close my study of our wondrous history, and the tragedies that befell such a peaceful and forward-thinking body. I again thank you for your attention, your patronage to this small library, and hope that, some time in the future, the tales of bravery and discovery contained herein will encourage others to throw off the yoke of Dabbax rulership.

Salinius Opal
Chief Historian, Space Sciences
Alaria Central Library
First Designation: X1-0005, Robotic Farming Unit