Let no tears be shed, let no braziers be lit for the passing of Admiral Stalk of Olive, the longest-serving officer in our military history. Falling in battle beside the rest of his fleet, his bravery and leadership, passion for our species, served as an inspiration to generations of Lavan. Born on Alaria decades before the dream of space travel became a reality, he enlisted at an early age in order to help defend our planet’s unity.

When volunteers were called for to pilot the first colonial fleets, it was no surprise to his superiors that he stepped forward, stoic and sure of his decision. He strode into the darkness with a resolve unmatched by any of our time, and showed his qualities in over five decades of military exercises.

He defended our colonists on their first tentative steps toward Hizzel and Wistral, keeping them safe until they could stand on their own. Tracking down raiders and rebel factions, he lead his ships far beyond the borders of our empire, determined to see justice done, that crimes committed against our society be punished fully and without mercy.

More than anything Stalk of Olive was my friend. His protection detail ensured my safe travels through many scientific missions, recovering alien technology and advancing our understanding of the cosmos. I say with full confidence that without the admiral I would not be where I am today, neither would our civilization.

His final order that terrible day was for the ISS Jade Blade, his personal command ship, to charge directly into the enemy fleet, hoping to draw enough fire that others under his command might escape. He, and his officers, sacrificed themselves for the hope of a brighter tomorrow for all of the souls under his command.

For seasons now the council has discussed erecting a monument to commemorate the successes of our past and the promise of our future. I am hereby declaring that the monument instead be used to memorialize the best of us, the bravest of us, the wisest of us. Let Stalk of Olive’s life be an example to us all, and his unflinching sense of duty an inspiration to those many men and women who will follow in his military footsteps.

Stalk of Olive, on this day, and on every day hereafter, we salute you.

Stalk of Burgundy
Director-General of the Lavis Union
“Eulogy for a friend”