Much has been written about our rise to prominence, peacefully unified under a single, planet-wide government dedicated to science and technology, vast libraries filled with our terrestrial accomplishments. These recordings are focused instead on our external, space-faring triumphs and setbacks, all made possible with the invention of wondrous faster-than-light travel.

Our ruler, the honorable Petals of Grey, announced that the Alarian council had carefully studied the much-lauded subspace field experiments and found them stable. The Lavis Union stood on the brink of a new age, one where other planets and even whole systems were close enough to touch.

What secrets might the cosmos unveil – were we alone in the vast blanket of creation? Could we survive, much less thrive, on new planets and new homes? Could our technological study prepare us for the dangers we could hardly conceive?

Our extrasolar history is a proud and harrowing one, gentle reader, with successes, setbacks, and surprises at every faltering step into the darkness.

Thank you for your interest, and your patronage of this library.

Salinius Opal
Chief Historian, Space Sciences
Alaria Central Library