Previously I wrote about the my ideas for a “giving society,” one where people give and receive financial aid and support without guilt or shame. With the launch of my new creative series – the Lavis Chronicles – I’ve decided to take a deep dive into unknown waters and start my own Patreon to help support my creative writing.

I admit I feel pretty odd putting myself out there like this. If people do want to contribute, does that include a greater onus on me to create “worthwhile” content? If people don’t, is that a reflection on myself and my creative outflow? Realistically I’m not expecting random strangers from the internet to flock to my stories or my ideas, but of course the idea is attractive; what a validation it would be that my creative works are a net boon and valuable to others.

There isn’t an expectation that this will be a wholly profitable enterprise, but if it encourages me to keep writing, I figure that’s a great connection between people. Besides, how cool would it be to see some of my own work in print? That would be an amazing milestone.

All of my Patreon-eligible content will be categorized under “Fiction” as an easy way to find that material, moving forward.

For those who have supported me, emotionally, intellectually, and financially, I hope you know how thankful I am. For those who continue to support me, in whatever ways, large or small, you have my deepest thanks as well.

I don’t know where this new endeavor will take me, but I hope it’s somewhere positive, whether financially beneficial or not.