This one could get ugly chummers, in more ways than usual. Obviously there’s been a large movement for ghoul independence/recognition recently, and that makes what I’m about to offer difficult.

FEaST is an underground club – both in the metaphoric and literal sense – that caters to the area’s ghouls and ghoul-fetishists. You know, young people who love the idea of being HMHVV-infected for some reason, without a real understanding of what’s going on. It’s a new place, but one that’s exploded in popularity over the past few weeks. Rumor is there are even some touring ghoul bands that are booking gigs there.

You know me – live and let live, don’t let politics enter into it – and if ghouls want to have a place where they can be amongst themselves and adoring fans, more power to them. Capitalism and all that. Word on the street though is that a few people have gone missing since the club opened, and the story as more teeth than just wild speculation. Apparently at least three of the victims – yeah I said “victims” – were last seen or heard from on the way to the club.

The Johnson’s daughter is one of the missing kids – 17 years old last month – and he’s putting up big money for someone to shut down the club permanently. It’s not some human-rights thing either; the guy genuinely wants to make sure nobody else gets hurt like he has.

There’re plenty of whackos who’d take the job, of course, but I thought of you first because you’ve always been careful with “collateral damage.” Not everyone is so neat and tidy, particularly when they have a grudge against the target.

Tomorrow night’s supposed to be a big one down at the club; apparently all the local ghoul big wigs are going to be there. I’m not suggesting that’s your moment to strike, just that opportunity exists.

As I said, this could get real ugly real fast, and no sweat if it’s not for you.

Run idea wholly inspired by @HumanTheFixer who regularly posts fantastic Shadowrun adventure seeds. Header image shot by Alex Knight who takes wonderful pictures of life in Korea.