Hey chummers. I know you’re still cooling down from your last little jaunt onto corporate turf but I have what should be a quick and easy little gig that may be right up your alley—you know me, always looking to help you pay the bills!

I have some associates in the local gang culture that are stepping up their game, starting to deal in higher quality products. The first shipment from their new oversees partners arrives this weekend and they want to make sure 1) they make a good show of force to the delivery joes, and 2) nothing goes wrong with the handoff. If all goes according to plan you won’t have to even flash a gun—you’re there for cosmetic effect as much as you are for your skills.

The location, time, and date are already set, it’s just a matter of you eyeballing the place and taking any precautions you deem necessary before the trade itself. My contacts are rather excited to be moving up in the criminal underground, and I have no doubt they’ll be happy to throw some bonuses your way if all goes swimmingly.

Did I mention the job is at a local shipyard? Anyway, if you’re interested, ring me back—and quick. They want to get everything ready to go as soon as possible.

“Look tough and be impressive” seems like a pretty cake run, but as we all know, runs rarely go as planned. What if, unrelated to the Shadowrunners’ involvement, the package gets destroyed, say by someone attacking the gangers after everyone parts ways? Maybe by the package detonating underwater in the middle of the handoff? Higher-tier opponents jumping in to crush a new rival? This run’s simple idea leaves a lot of room for opportunity and happenstance, giving the GM a lot of flexibility when it comes to how to play this “side mission.”

Header image by Andrew Cooper.