When the first Lavans looked up into the heavens and wondered what else the universe could hold, it is little doubt that they could not imagine the rich complexity we discovered in our first century of cosmic exploration. Aliens and civilizations having arisen from the most unlikely of places, developing in the most unlikely of ways, banding together against their foes, both real and perceived.

Carefully reading the political waters, experts urged the council to request admission into a federation, to ensure ironclad support both in defense of ourselves and of our closest allies. Time and time again skirmishes erupted upon the borders with both the Buvhondons and Oklarr, perhaps to test our resolve and willingness to defend our hard-won territory.

Hoping to lead other allies into the light of unity, we petitioned members of the Grand Alliance for their blessing and acceptance. They welcomed us as federation associates – close allies but not yet full members. Trust was a difficult currency in the galaxy, and as each empire grew, trusting your neighbor to not take resources or even a full system when your back was turned became almost an impossibility, save for long, sometimes generation-spanning negotiations and iron-clad compacts agreed upon by all sides without duress.

To show our staunch support for unity across the galaxy, our admiralty took it upon themselves to rid friendly areas of raiders and pirates too strong for the local inhabitants to handle. While most were felled before our technological might, one system proved too dangerous to even enter – Mareenius held within it a creature of incredible power, the capabilities of which were off of every scanner we could get into range. Seemingly a natural being, it appeared to guard a truly vast store of riches the likes of which were found nowhere else in space.

Though our navy knew it was not then the time to strike, the wild animal was never far from the minds of every intelligence and logistics officer, its eventual destruction in the back of every plan and strategy.