From their humble beginnings, we watched the Zukakkans in the Unar system grow and develop, neither assisting nor holding them back. With the launch of their first space-ship, however, they saw the vast possibilities before them and decided to confront the world in a truly regrettable manner. Instead of wanting to study and be at peace with the galactic community that they were a part of, they decided to take what they wanted by force, including two of our observation posts that had been silently watching them for decades.

It was with a very heavy heart that our scientific council declared that these upstarts, so hostile and unable to be brought into the calm fold of the Lavis Union, should be shown the error of their ways, in a manner consistent with their sensibilities. Our empire defense fleet left its orbit around Alar with stoic compassion, knowing their terrible mission was for the best of all.

So great was the arrogance of the Zukakkans that they named their one-planet empire “the Annihilators.” Few historical commentators have needed to reflect on this decision, for it very nearly speaks for itself. On a suitably overcast 2282-04-10, the council declared formal war with the sole intention of freeing the Zukakkan people from its misguided and overbearing government.

Our species has never glorified war or the need for it, and as such there will not be a detailed accounting of the orbital bombardment that struck the settlements. War is a terrible, rattling experience, no matter how necessary or positive the outcome.

In the end our armada bombarded the planet’s surface while robotic assault teams performed admirably on the ground. The Zukakkans were made into a Tributary of the Lavis Union, our generals showing great restraint in the face of the wound this uprising had caused our empire.

It was well-understood by all parties that if the Zukakkans dared rise up again, the guarantees of their independence would be revoked and our troops would engage in a much more thorough campaign on their “home” soil.