For several years now I’ve enjoyed following the exploits of Chance Ravinne and his plucky band of expert delivery agents, providing much-needed torpedoes to pilots all across EVE Online. Their videos are entertaining, the commentary enjoyable, and all in all provide a great insight into what is possible in a truly open universe – the only “rules” that exist in much of the playable space are those which are agreed upon by players themselves, and trust is a fragile commodity indeed.

With the recent release of their movie-length saga Going South, I was inspired to take up my pen and give some perspective on the corporation, its aims, and the delivery agents themselves. After all, many pilots don’t appreciate just how much hard work goes into making a successful torpedo delivery. My favorite part of EVE Online has always been the player-created stories that emerge from happenstance, careful organization, or brutal treachery. Many players treat the game like a second job, but corporations like WINGSPAN and my own alma mater GoonFleet are dedicated to having fun, to ensuring the game is enjoyable for their pilots.

Recently I sent a message to Chance Ravinne asking for permission to detail some of these stories, and this morning I was very pleased to get his glowing support of the idea.

I think the posts in the WINGSPAN category are going to be very different from my other Fiction pieces, even those about other aspects of EVE Online. My hope is to present a humorous, personal take on what it means to be an entrepreneur in New Eden, acting as a compliment to the many videos Chance posts YouTube and the guides provided by their hilarious website, the very aptly-named I’ll be fitting these new stories into my posting schedule, frequently enough to hopefully keep interest but not so frequent as to overwhelm new readers.

Thank you for your interest and your time, and again a huge thanks to Chance and all of the other WINGSPAN pilots for giving us these stories!