Like most idle games, AFK Arena provides a number of rewards for logging in every day, be it free heroes, additional experience points, and other similar goodies. Today I wanted to present a simple and easy-to-follow checklist for you to use in order to get the most out of your time with this game. Almost without exception these activities all reset (or expire) at 00:00 UTC, which becomes important in several particular cases, noted below.

  • Free Daily Gift – Hidden deep within the offers and real-money deals with which AFK Arena hopes to entice you is a once-per-day free gift that everyone can take advantage of! It’s not a big reward in and of itself, but as Depeche Mode wisely sang, “everything counts in large amounts.” Click on Gift Sets in the upper-left of the Ranhorn city screen, then the Gift Sets tab, then the Daily Gift Set button for your free 20 diamonds and 2 elite hero soulstones.
  • Fast Rewards – Located prominently on the Campaign screen, the Fast Rewards button allows you to instantly gain the benefit of 2 hours’ worth of hero experience and gold. Each player may use the button once per day for free, and purchase additional uses if they so desire. It is highly, highly recommended that you use your free reward after you’re done campaigning for the day—it gives you rewards based on your current campaign level, so the farther you get in the day before using it, the better off you’ll be.
  • Guild Hunt – After level 10 you have the opportunity to join or create a guild, where a group of players can come together to work on shared goals. One of those goals is the Guild Hunt, where players try to deal as much damage to a boss as possible, both to earn individual rewards and to gain points that are beneficial for their guild. Each player gets 2 attempts at the hunt per day, and so it is recommended that you maximize your characters’ levels and equipment before you face the boss so you can get the most out of your attacks. It’s important for a guild’s health that its members go on the hunt regularly, and it’s free for you to do so twice per day.
  • Sending/Receiving Hearts – Many of the chat channels are filled with people asking “add me” in all hours of the day. By having a full friends list (30 people) of people who play at least once a day, you maximize your chance to get new heroes. Clicking the Send & Receive button after the daily reset allows you to send out 30 hearts and receive up to 20 yourself. It only takes 10 hearts to get a summon out of the Library, so that’s two free heroes a day, just for clicking a button!
  • Daily Quests – A huge part of contributing to a guild is completing your daily and weekly quests; each time you do so the guild gets a little credit toward being able to unlock a more difficult (and rewarding) Guild Hunt. Some guilds reward their most active players and punish their least active ones, based on the contributions the guild has received from daily quests. I could write a whole guide about the quests themselves, but the short of it is that you should try to finish all of your daily quests every day, even after you’ve unlocked the last treasure box. This ensures a happy guild and a good exploration of many of the game’s features!
  • Free PVP Tickets – Not everyone is interested in the competitive, player-versus-player aspect of the game, and that’s okay. For those who are interested however, the arena provides free daily opportunities to test your might against other players. Each day players receive rewards in the mail for how they fared the day before, so there’s no reason not to use them! Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on the enemy team makeup; a deceptively low-power team can still pack a wallop!

While there are plenty of game areas not expressly discussed here (including navigating the Labyrinth, doing Bounties, and ascending the King’s Tower), I feel the above activities should be the basis of every player’s daily routine. Not only are they simple and take just a few minutes to do, but they also give great rewards that add up over time, allowing you to truly maximize your playing experience.

Header image by Lilith Games, creators of AFK Arena
Poetics plays AFK Arena with the guild Moonfire (#86215)—come join us!