We all have history when it comes to the boys in blue – whether Knight Errant, Lone Star, or some third-tier rent-a-cop, it seems Johnny Law is always making life hard for the working-class professional such as yourself.

Here’s a rare opportunity to turn the tables on them. It’s not easy, there’s no sugar-coating that, but the cred is worth the job, hands-down. How would you feel about knocking over an evidence locker?

The Johnson didn’t want all of these details getting out ahead of time, but you and I go back a ways and I know you’re better off with all the facts before deciding yea or nay. Turns out there was some beef between corporate security and local law enforcement out near the edge of town – where all those questionable “research centers” the corps have these days. I guess there was some question about jurisdiction and who owns what property and, wouldn’t you know it – some mucky-muck’s personal bodyguard ended up in overnight lockup, his wiz toys buried in evidence until the trial.

It looks like the stiff has already gotten released, but the cops are flexing by holding on to the seized evidence for as long as possible. Turns out he had some things on him which 1) the corp wants back, and 2) would be pretty bad press if they were discovered. Thus, my entrepreneurial friend, the invitation for your crew to perform some much-needed “property reacquisition.” Break in, smash or steal as much as you like, bring home the target box.

The corp doesn’t care what you do with the other ill-gotten loot inside, just so long as they get what they’re paying for. Nothing wrong with a little bonus, right? Fixers like me don’t pay as much for tools linked directly to hot crimes, but nuyen is nuyen, right?

The clock’s ticking on this offer but a little bird tells me the cops won’t start poking around in the evidence box for another week or so.

Up for some payback?