Of late I have been doing a lot of thinking about my writing and what it means to me; by what metrics I could consider myself a “successful” writer, whether my writing was worth doing at all, and what I was getting out of the constant stress of worrying about the number of people reading my words. This morning I woke up uneasy but after a brief walk around the neighborhood I feel much better about everything. Today in fact I would call a good day. Quiet, but good. I don’t have a lot of those these days, so today certainly bears remarking on.

Today I feel good about the amount of content I’ve written (having posted more than 90,000 words in ~170 posts in just a few short months), good about the content itself (particularly a few select posts like Shallow Steps, Haze, Knocking Down Barriers, and much of my Covert Ops story arc), and good about what comes next (as far as scheduled posts and new topics I’m exploring). There’s still a lot on my plate, including having to get some work done on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, but I’m content and at peace for the moment, which is a very nice feeling.

At this moment I’m playing a video game which is actually going well, listening to some ambient electronic music, and thinking about the prep I have to do for a my Legends of the Five Rings RPG I’m running tomorrow. It’s nice to have a little break like this. I’m not feeling particularly social at the moment, which has been a constant for the past year or so, but I may call up a friend to see if they’re interested in grabbing dinner.

After a restless night (I don’t do so well when the wife is out of town), I’m glad today has been peaceful and reflective, positive and rewarding.