Over the past 24 hours I’ve managed to write more than 3500 words for the new ongoing space series I recently revealed. Honestly I never expected the writing to flow this quickly, and I now have episodic content queued for quite some time.

More than 10 years ago I got a tattoo to remind me of all the limitations I had overcome, self-imposed or otherwise, and to encourage me to keep growing, keep expanding. I shouldn’t listen when people say I can’t accomplish something, even (or especially) if that person is myself.

I know in the grand scheme of things 3500 words over 24 hours isn’t winning any speed records, and it sure isn’t impressive from a literary standpoint, but for me, forging into the dark of this new side-project, I’m fairly pleased.

I even considered upping the release schedule from once a week to twice, I was generating so much content, but didn’t want to find myself in a bind if a dry spell hit me. I’m always diving headlong into new things and have a poor track record of keeping the momentum going. By planning and spacing out my releases, I hope to maintain a comfortable but energetic pace that always provides more content on the horizon.

One or two friends have said they are eager to read upcoming chapters, and that’s both an encouraging and scary thought – I love the idea that with just an introductory post I’ve started to garner attention, but there’s also the stress of needing to make sure my content is worth their attention, and will keep it for the long haul.

Perhaps this exercise will help (read: force) me to work on editing, a process I was never very enamored with during previous creative pursuits.

Who knows, maybe if I’m able to garner enough support with my Patreon campaign I can actually work with a practiced editor and work on improving my output.

My wife told me, after hearing me read several upcoming chapters aloud, that it would be cool to hear the story told as a podcast. Once I have more of a complete story, as well as some better equipment, maybe that’ll be a possibility. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but it is exciting to think about the future and what possibilities it may bring.

Edit: With the work I put in between 9/16 and 9/17, I’m now up over 6500 words. What a rush it is to be inspired again!