In high school I was an avid writer, putting many of my thoughts on paper. Often taking the form of poetry, they were largely filled with teenage angst and acted as an outlet for how I felt amongst my peers. One poem however, posted below, made its way into an amateur “who’s who” poetry journal. It was one of those pay-to-be-published deals aimed at high school and college students, but even still I was proud to see my name in print, something of a validation when it came to my writing. Digging through old journal entries I found it, and the memory of seeing it in print brought a smile to my face.

Springtime is the season of love
Where birds and birds
and bees and bees
roll and tumble in the uplifting aire
When kisses and hugs are as free-flowing
as the cascading waterfall
raining the lovers with emotion pure and true
Love blooms best in spring, ’tis told
but give me love anytime
and I will hold it just as dearly.

—October 6, 1999