2201 was later called “the year of woe” by those who studied the history of our voyage into space. Disaster after disaster rocked our fledgling empire, bringing us almost to the breaking point, but also showing us what mettle we had within us, when pressed to the brink.

Shortly into 2201-01, as we watched the ISS Fluttering Leaf arrive at the far-off Hizzel system, military and civil scientists were alarmed to see alien spacecraft enter the Alar system from places unknown. Our budding fleet was mobilized and the entire world dedicated itself to understanding these strange visitors. Dubbed the “Tiyanki,” the strange craft were discovered to be aliens themselves, akin to large space cows, feeding off of gas giants and nebulae. Luckily they posed no threat to our civilization.

Tragedy struck as a frantic message was sent from the Leaf.  As it surveyed one of Hizzel’s many rocky planets, unexpected aural activity spiked as they approached the surface, and all attempts to reestablish contact were lost. The brave souls aboard were presumed dead and a monument to their historic bravery was commissioned. Petals of Maroon, himself a student of Fronds of Lavender, volunteered to lead a new science ship and follow in his mentor’s footsteps.

2201-06 brought the first actions of a rebel religious faction into the forefront as they stole several military corvettes and struck our construction ships. Our fleet took action but losses were heavy – investigations into how they were able to obtain such powerful weaponry undetected never provided definitive intelligence. Calling themselves the “Fist of God,” the ruthless separatists had infiltrated high ranks of the directorate, fleeing to distant star-systems as their treachery was discovered. Admiral Rhizome of Cyan vowed that he would hold all traitors accountable and personally lead the efforts to return them to justice.

As Petals of Maroon bravely returned to the Hizzel system, our navy expanding with new pilots and replacement ships, all eyes turned toward the systems of Edasich, Hadar, and Salluria – the new homes of the rebellion. Though it may take years to reach them, our civilization was more united than ever to advance, expand, and solidify our control of the region.