Admiral Stalk of Olive lead our expansive navy into battle against the Edasich separatists in 2225-10, bolstered by the development of new destroyer-class ships and long-range missiles. Undeterred by the presence of an alien battleship, our fleet struck a decisive blow against the rebels, all but wiping them out of their last remaining system. Questions remained however, how they had been able to create such an armada of their own in secret, and what allies they had made in the years since their exodus. The newly-launched ISS Warm Rain was sent to investigate.

Researchers at the Museum of Exobiology on Alaria made a formal request for exclusive use of a science team to identify and collect several rare alien life forms that had been discovered throughout our empire. Though the project could take years, the council wisely gave their assent, acknowledging that the study of alien life forms was as important as the development of our own technology. This decision did not please the growing Military-Industrial Complex faction, but the council expertly argued their case, keeping tempers from boiling over.

What did give them pride was the decision to launch an all-out assault against the alien shipyard from whence the Fist of God had been launching raids. Apparently discovered as they fled the safety of our empire, it had been left in disrepair for centuries, only the barest of automatic functions remaining online. Though it was able to create new ships with unimagined speed, our navy was well-prepared for the threat and destroyed all traces of the production factory by the end of 2227.

Records showed that the cult’s charismatic leader vacated the system mere weeks before the assault, taking a powerful flagship. Military Intelligence worked on pinpointing the location of the vessel, determined to put an end to the rebellion once and forever.