Our ground-based observation posts were thoroughly excited to announce that a pod of Tiyanki Space Whales were due to swim through the Alar system in 2220-12. One of the first extrasolar beings we encountered in our steps toward the stars, their gentle disposition and calming subharmonic tones quickly made them a favorite mascot for unity and exploration.

The family unit consisted of a cow, bull, and young calf, and as they swam through the system all eyes were watching their calm passing with awe and no small amount of reverence. Stalk of Olive even gave many of his officers leave from duty so they could be with families during the impressive visit.

As they left our immediate neighborhood, presumably en route toward the Cursa system, scientists from Hizzel made the startling discovery that a second primitive civilization had been discovered, just outside of our recently-expanded borders. Hardly out of the so-called “bronze age,” conservationists were pleased to see that there was little thought to disturbing the fledgling inhabitants. As time and technology allowed they would be studied, quietly, from a distance.

While the majority of civilization was focused on the wonders and natural beauty of the universe unveiling right before our eyes, a small but growing faction calling themselves the Military-Industrial Complex were determined to keep the dangers we had yet faced at the forefront of discussion. Pushing hard for us to assert our military dominance over the rest of the galaxy, they pointed toward the lack of recent military victories as evidence that enemies were being given enough time to plan and regroup.

While the debate raged, conversations within the scientific council encouraged our navy to bolster its numbers and put on a show of force, both to pacify the rising political group and the empire at large. With a solemn nod, he gathered his ships and made haste for Salluria, known home of a sub-faction of the Fist of God rebellion, previously unexplored by our scientists.