Alright chummers, this one is hot off the wire – I need an extraction team to help clean-up a job gone bad, and I need to know if you’re in or out ASAP. For reasons not relevant to your mission, a team of “third-party contractors” was involved in a targeted strike against a Seoulpa Ring bunraku parlor. You know, those places where memories and personalities are downloaded into meat bodies for whatever sick pleasure the Johns want?

In any case, the original team finds itself under heavy fire and limited options. In addition to the four of them, one elf, a dwarf, troll, and human, they have two rescued puppets in tow, which complicates matters. These poor sods barely know their left hand from their right, after all the repeated brain-transfers they’ve been through, but they’re key to the whole thing. Your job is to get to where the team is hiding out and make sure the two former captives escape. If they make it out with the original crew, that’s fine, if they make it out with you, I’ll arrange pick-up.

Right now the pinned-down team is just inside the Redmond border, with the enemy gang crawling all over the area trying to locate them. To make matters worse the crew has already lost their rigger and their mage is sucking down Stimpaks like they’re going out of style, just to stay conscious. Ammo is running out, and if the gangers catch them, it’s game over.

Rules of engagement are simple: get the two puppets back, keep civilian – meaning non-syndicate – casualties to a minimum. It takes a lot for Knight-Errant to get involved out there in the Barrens, but it’s close enough to civilization that loud noises will wake the neighbors, if you catch my drift. Ideally the first running crew makes it back alive, but the man with the cred says that’s a very secondary concern. They’re good operators, but obviously not good enough to avoid this mess.

Think you’re equipped for a snatch-and-grab extraction in the middle of organized crime turf? The targets will be glad for the help, but irate that they needed it. No time to get new gear for this one, it’s pack-up-and-go time if you’re on-board.