One of the hardest parts about being a guild leader is to keep up the momentum and drive of the guild members, to encourage and promote growth of the guild. This task is made doubly difficult with the sheer number of games that are released every year, causing many stable and steady players to find other ways of spending their time.

I was very fortunate that, several weeks ago, two founding members of SWIM came back to Guild Wars 2, and did so with zeal, encouraging others to play and inviting those with whom they partied to join in our events and partake of our Guild Hall’s free offerings. Having a solid, consistent presence in the game world is so necessary for a guild to thrive, and with nearly daily participation in world bosses, weekly guild missions, World versus World contests, and frequent dungeon and fractal runs, it is great to see these players return to leadership roles within the group.

That isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate our more infrequent members, even those who haven’t logged in since before the Heart of Thorns expansion; every name on our roster has contributed to where we are today, to the rich history of the Children of Bayushi, now extending into its twelfth year.

Here on our own little corner of the internet I wanted to express my thanks to everyone who has helped us get to where we are, who has contributed to our successes, and who has worked to promote the camaraderie and good will that has allowed us to see such success for so long.

Let’s explore Tyria together!
– Shosuro