Not content with merely being heroes of Tyria, members of the Children of Bayushi have come together and put up an impressive display case of their achievements. Conveniently located behind the guild tavern, permanent monuments to the triumphs of the guild can be found and explored, telling a rich history of success.

Included in the above picture are pieces of the Vale Guardian, tentacles from Gorseval the Multifarious, fragments of the Shatterer, vertebrae from Tequatl, eyes from Chak Gerent, spines from the Evolved Jungle Wurm, flame-throwers from Sabetha the Saboteur, mushrooms from Slothasor, crystals from Matthias Gabriel’s hoard, and of course many impressive fangs directly from the mouth of Mordremoth itself.

We invite you to join in our legacy and partake in our many guild activities! Every week we’re doing guild missions, raids, and other events.