A common player lament when it comes to AFK games is the lack of storage capacity for heroes—whether purchased through the store or won as rewards for in-game contests, it’s often very easy to reach the maximum number of heroes quickly. Most games allow you to pay to increase your allotment, but there are several tricks you can use to help manage and mitigate your overzealous horde (and your hoard).

The Rickety Cart

It doesn’t take long for your battle team to be comprised of blue-quality (Rare) heroes or better. With limited usefulness, opportunities for advancement, or contribution to your team compositions, this often leads to players having a glut of green-quality (Common) heroes just sitting in their hold, taking up space.

The Rickety Cart (look to the bottom-right of the Ranhorn screen) provides a fantastic solution to this problem. By selecting the “Retire Hero” tab, you will be presented with a list of your Common heroes, ripe for retirement. When you select a hero to be retired, you receive a small amount of game currency and they are removed from your list. While it may be tempting to retire all of your green heroes at all times, it may be worthwhile to hold on to at least one copy of each hero for the purpose of clearing out bounties. There are only 8 Common heroes, so it won’t hurt your storage space much.

Select the hero copies you wish to destroy (avoid using the “Auto Select” feature), and click “Retire” to obtain your well-earned loot.

The Temple of Ascension

The Rickety Cart may be well and good for Common heroes, but what to do with a dizzying array of Rare and higher characters? This is where the Temple of Ascension comes into play. The full mechanics of the Temple are slated for a future blog post, but suffice it to say that this building allows you to combine multiple heroes together, in order to strengthen them or free up bag space.

When you open the Temple you may be presented with several heroes with a red exclamation point overlay—these are the characters you can ascend. Until you understand the intricate mechanics of the Temple however, I would stick to only ascending multiple copies of the same hero; three copies of a Rare hero will result in one Rare+ hero. Two copies of a Elite hero will result in one Elite+ hero. These “plus” versions have higher stats than their un-ascended brethren, as well as often possessing higher level caps. In truth, the Temple of Ascension is the only way to realize a character’s maximum skill potential!

Two later blog posts will discuss the ranking/categorization of heroes and the actual mechanics behind using (and getting the most value out of) the Temple of Ascension, but for now you should have the knowledge you need to start clearing out your bag space and freeing up room for more heroes!

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