So many think the world functions on competing forces – after a period of resistance, one side wins and one side loses. How unfortunate it is that they miss the sublime beauty of forces acting in harmony, even when coming from different directions.

Thoughts, emotions, fists, even bullets have a momentum, a speed, and a direction, all working in concert with all of the other elements around it. The bullet cannot fly if the air does not accept it, just as the hateful thought will find no purchase in a peaceful mind. Instead of a push-pull tug-of-war, the elements and the forces dance, twirling around in a complex yet understandable dance.

The attempt to create something out of nothing is an act of naive hubris – everything already is, and there isn’t a place of nothingness. All things at all times, with the proper sight and manipulation. Just as dancers adjust to a quickening tempo or drastic change in tone, so too will the universe bend and flex if plied correctly, gently, in harmony with its natural course.

To move the world, one must first understand how to move oneself. To move oneself requires that one know, and accept, oneself – perceived flaws and all. Enlightenment comes not from idealized perfection but from the persistence thereof, the continual effort to improve one’s harmony with all things, corporeal and otherwise.

Suggested Traditions: Akashic Brotherhood, Cult of Ecstasy
Suggested Spheres: Mind, Forces, Entropy, Prime