Corporations build all kinds of research labs, high-rise offices, and secure facilities of every stripe. They have not only dominated but also defined the city skylines for generations. All of this has become a regular and accepted part of modern living. What worries me is when one of these big boys tear down an edifice to their own opulence, only to replace it with a tightly-secured and highly-protected barren field.

The interests whom I represent are asking for an established team to infiltrate the grounds on which the Aerotech Agribusiness tower used to stand, obtain several distinct soil samples, and return with a report on your on-the-ground thoughts of what the heavy security could be protecting.

To date we have identified physical, magical, and electronic security measures, the caliber of which would have been proficient, or even overkill, for the office building which formerly rested on those grounds. Additional countermeasures are highly likely, and may pertain to whatever the corporation is measuring or testing on the site.

To aid in planning, I have been authorized to divulge several potential uses of the space our researchers believe could be likely. Obviously, this being a fact-finding mission, our current information is incomplete and so the following are suggestions rather than an exhaustive list:

  • Genome-based antifungals or other pest-control mechanisms
  • Subterranean research laboratory with obscured entrance
  • Underground stealth-mining trial, testing for surface readings and soil movement
  • Wide-band fertilizer and plant-growth formula release
  • High-yield seed deployment
  • Magical infusion of the soil for future research
  • Advanced technological cloaking devices
  • Controlled environment for animal research subjects

Our aim—your aim—is to assist us in determining the true purpose of this plot of valuable land, and to document any particular strange or unusual observations, other than the high level of security for what appears to be an empty field.