Having left the Scarlet Chorus’ camp safely, ignoring Voice of Nerat’s subtle barbs suggesting that my possession of the Silent Archive could be seen as an affront to Kyros’ directive that dangerous knowledge be suppressed for the good of the empire, I took some time to consider my position. My companions hunted for game in the nearby woods as I sat on a small riverbank, gazing out over the flowing water.

Some of the documents we recovered in the Burning Library suggested that the power of Kyros’ Edicts was greater than that of Kyros itself, which is why they almost universally contained expiration clauses or conditions under which the Edict would subside. I would never suggest something, even of the Overlord’s own creation, could be more powerful than our ruler, but the scrolls gave me pause, and set my mind to wandering.

Could Kyros be upset at me for having completed two of his Edicts, levied against rebellious enemies who sought to denounce the empire? On one hand, I saw the terms of both Edicts through to completion, but I couldn’t help but to consider the idea that perhaps the Overlord wanted those Edicts to stand, if even a little longer. If I had upset Kyros, would one of Tunon’s assassins be sent, the final arbiter of justice? Would it be Tunon himself after I had made my case regarding whether Graven Ashe or Voices of Nerat had a larger hand in the setbacks of the Tiers campaign? Would I ever see it coming?

Though much easier said than done, I decided I wouldn’t waste my time and energy on situations I had no control over. If Kyros were displeased with my performance, I would surely find out, and perhaps even the same if the Overlord were content with me, though I would never presume to suggest that I was worth notice.

Alright, that was a lie.

I had done things here that no servant of Kyros had ever accomplished, surprising and perhaps even scaring some of my superiors. I had proclaimed and resolved two Edicts, awoken two ancient Spires, and had started to perceive and manipulate magical energies even without training or experience in the mystic arts. I don’t mean to say that my ego was swelling to the levels of either of the feuding Archons’, but I am curious about what is happening here, to me, and what it means for the future.

Perhaps it’s no different from what anyone else wonders – what the future will hold – in my case larger-than-life events seem to have come more suddenly and in more rapid procession than I ever could have expected.