In part two of my Eve Online Wormhole Guide, I alluded to many of the dangers inherent in the life of a w-space explorer. In this third installment, I explore many of the more visible dangers pilots exploring this dangerous region of the game may encounter, and offer advice on ways to mitigate (but not eliminate) the dangers thereof.

Unlike the relatively static nature of empire space, the opportunities inside wormholes are ever-changing, bringing new opportunities and new dangers. When a pilot warps to a unique site, listed as an “Anomaly” or “Signature,” an invisible timer begins to count down, after which time the location will de-spawn. New sites appear periodically and must be scanned down individually. As mentioned, being able to probe accurately and quickly is a must for any serious w-space explorer.


The only NPC occupants of w-space, Sleepers are technically drones but come in all sizes from frigate to battleship, and utilize advanced AI the likes of which put many players to shame. They hit hard, tank massive amount of damage, and are very efficient at shutting down electronic warfare and drones.

Possessing no shields but strong omni-damage resistance armour, they attack with both lasers and missiles, causing all types of damage. They can web, scram, nos, remote repair, and even switch targets depending on your strategy.

Sleepers are not to be taken lightly as, aside from other players, they are the most dangerous aspect of life in a wormhole system.

Cosmic Anomalies

Anomalies up to 64 AU away can be found just by using your onboard D-scan and provide the most stable source of income for those living inside wormholes. All anomalies should be researched by name before warping so the player knows what they’re in for.

Combat Anomalies

Focused on PVE combat, the only resources to be found in these sites are from the wrecks of sleepers you kill. Typically containing three waves of sleepers, combat anomalies are easier to clear than Data or Relic Sites and are often the main source of ISK for w-space explorers.

Ore Anomalies

Analogous to empire space asteroid belts, pilots can find all types of regular (unbonused) ore, though higher-classed systems have a larger quantity of rare ore such as Arkonor and Mercoxit. Even in C1 or C2 systems the asteroids are often very large, well over 5,000 units of ore.

Defended by a single wave of Sleepers, they don’t spawn immediately but rather 15-20 minutes after a ship begins warping to the anomaly. This can be used to boost returns as each site can be triggered and then a combat ship can travel from site to site clearing Sleepers.

Cosmic Signatures

Signatures must be probed down to access and provide a greater challenge than simple anomalies. The specific signature found should be researched so players know what they’ll be warping into.

Gas Signatures

Containing two gas clouds which can be harvested as normal, wormhole space gas is used in Tech 3 production to manufacture Strategic Cruisers and subsystems, making it very valuable to the industrious. As with Ore Anomalies enemy Sleepers do not warp in until 15-20 minutes after initial warp-in.

Taking a quick ship with gas harvesting bonuses, such as the Venture or Prospect, and taking as much gas as possible before the Sleepers arrive is a quick way to make ISK. For pilots with limited skills it may even be more profitable than running C1 and C2 combat sites.

Data Signatures

Possessing multiple containers which can be accessed with a Data Analyzer module, containing SubSystem Datacores, RAMs, or other production/invention components, these sites are heavily defended by up to four waves of Sleepers.

Often much more difficult than combat sites of the same class, they are primarily run for the increased Sleeper loot and salvage rather than the spawned materials.

Relic Signatures

Similar to Data Signatures, Relic sites require the Relic Analyzer to access the containers. Loot from these sites include components from which T3 blueprints can be reverse engineered, which is guarded by four waves of Sleepers.

The components will be classed as “wrecked,” “malfunctioning,” or “intact,” which shows that they will produce 1, 2, or 3 run blueprint copies.

Ghost Sites

Very rare even by w-space standards, Ghost Sites are the only locations inside wormholes that you can see faction rat NPCs. If run correctly these sites drop the most valuable loot of any signature or anomaly, and as a bonus do not spawn Sleepers.

Unknown Signatures

This result is scanner short-hand for a wormhole entrance as described at length above.

This ends Part 3 of my EVE Online wormhole guide, first published online in November of 2016 for friends and new players alike. The final chapter (part 4) will be published next week and then I’ll see about continuing to post my various guides and reviews on a regular schedule moving forward.

Please note that four years has passed since I wrote this (and other) guides, and so some, or even much, of the game has changed in that time. It’s not my fault if blindly following my advice gets your ship blown up!

Header picture taken from EVE Online gameplay.