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Creating characters, settings, or even whole worlds is a long-time joy of mine, one where I get to flex my creative muscles and try to encourage others to do the same. While my blog in general deals with all number of topics, here’s a curated list of all of my works of fiction – content inspired from other works, games I’ve played, or spun out of whole cloth.

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Currently I have two long-running story arcs going: the Lavis Chronicles which explores a civilization’s first steps onto the galactic stage, and Covert Ops about two American operatives fighting a Bolivian drug cartel. I hope you enjoy!

Conquest: A Bloody Tribe

The Beastmen had lain traps on the path to their camp – surprisingly ingenious ones, at that. Cleverly-hidden, well-made, and certainly catastrophic for any who ran across them, it spoke volume about the intelligence of the local tribe. As we hiked up the trail a...

Concerted Madness

In previous entries about creating characters I've talked at length about the need for character quirks to not define the character. Someone who "has a limp" or "only opens doors with their left hand" as a primary characteristic doesn't usually make for a compelling...

Conquest: Into the Gorge

Though we didn't anticipate any great difficulty in our travels through the Stone Sea, aside from the near-constant earthquakes and aftershocks, we avoided returning to Halfgate all the same. We had stood idly by as Disfavored baited and killed Scarlet Chorus soldiers...

NW: Peace of Mind

I know of no race in, on, or beyond Toril that is wholly without strife. War, hunger, jealousy, and ego come to a head in all civilizations and in all walks of life, and while strife is a common thread that unites us all, in the best of times it is known only in...

Conquest: Riposte

Entering the Jagged Maw Shrine, we came across a peculiar sight – the Scarlet Chorus and DIsfavored were almost equal in number, each bristling with violence. Whereas the Chorus usually preferred to harass their prey to the point of exhaustion, it seems they may have...

DC: Underprepared

Though the SHD has its resources spread pretty thin—dealing with both the NYC cleanup and this whole mess in DC—it's easy to get lulled into a false sense of security with the amount of gear and information we have at our disposal. Fancy drones and automated turrets...

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