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Creating characters, settings, or even whole worlds is a long-time joy of mine, one where I get to flex my creative muscles and try to encourage others to do the same. While my blog in general deals with all number of topics, here’s a curated list of all of my works of fiction – content inspired from other works, games I’ve played, or spun out of whole cloth.

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Currently I have two long-running story arcs going: the Lavis Chronicles which explores a civilization’s first steps onto the galactic stage, and Covert Ops about two American operatives fighting a Bolivian drug cartel. I hope you enjoy!

DC: Presumed Value

Some items have intrinsic value—there's no denying that food, water, and shelter are important staples for the human condition, and when they become scarce, fighting over those resources becomes understandably intense. There are plenty of other objects or ideas that...

DC: Back to the Metro

Even with the world falling into chaos, people like a joke. A little levity goes a long way when you're scavenging for food and clean water, fighting off the drug-crazed gangers who want to turn the local environment into their personal bloodthirsty domain. Just...

Conquest: Scarlet Stand

With a tunnel through the maelstrom opened, and the old regent dead, the Scarlet Chorus quickly made preparations to claim ownership of the Blade Grave, formerly called the Kingdom of Stalwart. Their banners flew, snapping in the fierce winds from the Edict of Storms,...

Conquest: the Pursuit of Happiness

A Regent had ruled from the throne of Stalwart for more than five centuries, an unbroken chain of leadership and sovereignty that culminated in the cries of a newborn, the last heir to the ancestral keep in which we stood. Our path was clear: to cleanse the land of...

Conquest: Regency

The hallway leading to the regent's throne room was brightly lit, burning braziers causing the bodies strewn about to cast flickering, unholy shadows on the floor and walls. Obviously the Scarlet Chorus managed to find their way inside before we had, and made quick...

Conquest: Sentinel Stand

The Regent of Sentinel Stand, the last ruler of the fallen kingdom of Stalwart, had ordered his men to kill us where we stood. Barik had been itching for a fight since the moment we arrived through the impassible storm, and gleefully took to battle in way I had never...

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