There’s no real point in sugar-coating it, chummers, so I’ll get right to the point: this is a weird one. The Johnson thinks his mansion is haunted – like horror-sim haunted – and wants an “expert team” to round up whatever’s got him spooked. The old man specifically requests a magician to scan the astral, a tech wizard to look for EM traces, and muscle to go toe-to-toe with the thing if it shows.

I just figure he’s getting on in his dotage and you can humor him a bit. Walk in, shine some impressive-looking tech, go into a trance, and declare the place clean. That is, of course, unless he’s not joking and there is something funny going on in there. Either way, some research may be in order so you can go in prepared.

Apparently the Johnson has seen one too many old holo-reels because a stipulation of the contract is that you stay the entire night in his house. I don’t know if he things running the shadows is a game show or something, but for talent of your caliber I figure it’ll be a cake walk, and we all go home paid.

Unless you’re scared of the dark …