I don’t want to talk about what things were like before. Before the bombs, before the radiation, before the world went insane.

No, I’m going to talk about today and the future; no more looking at the past and wishing for what could have been. This is my life now, and I have come to accept that, though it took me a long time to finally see it.

My parents named me Maureen, but that was decades, centuries ago. Since I was reborn into this hell, I gave myself a new name. A new name for this new, scarred face. A new name for a new outlook on the world, a new outlook on everything.

My name is Reina, and I will survive this toxic wasteland. This is my journal, and if you’re reading this, you had better hope to the gods above that you killed me, because otherwise I’ll never stop hunting you down.

From today until the end of my days, I will do what it takes to weather this storm.