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This is the story of our first time.

It was my birthday party and there were ~25 people in my house. She arrived in a tight little blouse and a (very) short plaid skirt
with fishnets. The schoolgirl look isn’t my thing, but on her … she knew what effect she would have on me. It was hard to look away, and harder not to imagine what she was barely hiding beneath.

At one point in the party we stole away into a side room and started making out as I held her up against the wall, restraining her hands high above her head, forcing her to stand on her tip-toes. I reached under her skirt and started teasing her, feeling how wet she already was, her excitement matching my own.

Her boyfriend was talking with my wife and the other party guests in the next room but in that moment there was just us; the rest of the world fell away. Our lips and tongues intertwined, my fingers passionately stroking, rubbing, and pressing, and she standing on her tip-toes as I held her wrists high against the wall.

After a few minutes I whispered in her ear “if you don’t stop me, I’m going to go down on you” and she let out the most delicious little moan/whine/gasp that I still clearly remember today. I sat her down in a chair, all but throwing her into it, and knelt in front of her. Reaching under her skirt I pulled off her thong, pushed open her knees, and went to work.

I ran my fingernails up and down the insides of her thighs as I kissed and bit closer and closer, teasing as she squirmed in the dark; in our passion we hadn’t even turned on the lights. I gave her clit a soft lick and then blew on it, making her shake even more. “Please,” she begged, and the need in her tiny voice drove me wild.

She was writhing as I licked, sucked, and nipped at her, and she was wet enough that I not only slipped two fingers inside her but had my pinkie inside her ass as well, filling her with sensations both inside and out. I have to be honest, she tasted delicious, and the way she writhed and moaned spurred me on in ways no words could have.

She had already had at least one orgasm when she caressed my cheek, causing me to look up at her. In a small voice, she whispered “you know … you can fuck me if you want.”

I pulled back farther to look up at her properly, and she gave me a timid nod with a deep hunger in her eyes. Standing, without a word, I gave her a passionate kiss so she could taste her juices on my lips and tongue, and all but yanked her out of the chair. I spun her around so she faced the wall, and she stuck out her hips invitingly, wiggling them beneath my eager fingers.

I flipped up her little skirt, ran my fingers once again up and down between her legs, unzipped my pants, and teased her more, rubbing the head of my cock against her slick lips. Unable to take it any further, she backed up sharply, forcing me inside her. We let out a collective sigh/moan, and then we started fucking.

I was bigger than she expected, and it took a minute for her to get comfortable around me, but every gasp and tremble told me how much she loved the sensation. I let her set the pace, but it didn’t take long before she was taking as much of me as she could with every thrust, shaking and shuddering, her hips trembling beneath my fingers.

She was the second person I had ever fucked, and her gasps and moans are sounds I will treasure forever. Our passion burned hot, and we wanted nothing more in that moment than to bring each other pure ecstasy.

As I was about to finish, I pulled back, spun her around, and forced her to her knees on the hard floor. Without prompting she hungrily wrapped her lips around my cock, grabbing my ass with both hands, trying to taste all of me as deeply as she could. As I came she licked, sucked, and swallowed everything I had to give her, closing her eyes in rapture as I moaned and pulled her tight against me with a hand at the back of her head.

Afterward, as I stood before her, more than a little weak in the knees, she looked up at me and whispered, in the most sincere tone possible, “thank you”, and gave my cock another lick for good measure. I let her take me into her mouth one more time for good measure.

When I helped her to her feet we kissed again, lost in the haze of spent passions, and she whispered “I like how sore you make me.” She slipped her thong into my pocket, gave my groin a meaningful squeeze, and we returned to the party, with none the wiser of the intense fucking we had just given each other.

It was the start of a very, very exciting relationship.

Header image by Guido Reimann from Pixabay