Some of our frequent or repeat customers like testing out our new agents, really putting them through their paces when it comes to making deliveries. Management doesn’t mind – it keeps everyone on their toes and makes sure that our pilots are getting the on-the-job training WINGSPAN has become known for. Usually this involves cloaking their ship after finding our agent has arrived in-system, making a bee-line for a wormhole, or even occasionally trying to return some of our precious deliveries back as overstock. We love our clients and their jokes!

It cannot be stressed enough that – in addition to the requisite Customer Service V – all of our pilots are cross-trained in system scanning, hostility detection, and advanced flight mechanics. Often clients can be found squeezed, nearly stuck, between asteroids, or in deep space exploring broken-down wrecks of ages long past. We receive orders from every corner of New Eden, and it is our sincere pleasure to brave any danger to get our clients the deliveries they so dearly need.

Luckily we maintain a robust and well-dispersed staff such that, if a client makes a request but is traveling too fast for the agent to make a timely delivery, another agent will happily take over service – our goal is timely completion of our deliveries, of course. In rare instances we may enlist the use of three or even four agents to cover the many entrances or exists to a system; often clients are so low on ammo that they seem to turn off their communications entirely, trying to remain safe from the dangers of deep-space travel. Don’t worry, valued client – we will find you!

People often ask our agents why they fly with WINGSPAN Delivery Services. Could it be the thrill of entering dangerous situations? The warm feeling of providing succor to the downtrodden? The joy of signing receipts after a successful delivery? Honestly, each pilot has their own reasons for loving their job, but we always ensure that, whichever agent is assigned to a particular case, they have the skills, the attitude, and the personality to ensure that every encounter is a memorable one.

Recently we had a client order five full compliments of faction missiles and two servings of party drones. Unfortunately our client had gone dark in the few minutes before our helpful agent arrived on-scene. Never satisfied with missing a delivery, our pilots maintained a constant vigil for four days until the client ventured into space again. Will WINGSPAN ever increase our rates, even in the event of mis-timed order submissions? Of course not!

It is both our job and our passion to serve you; sometimes a job well done is payment enough.