Realizing the true extent of her power late in life, she saw the overwhelming success of the global Consensus as a juggernaut wholly immune to her direct efforts to spark imagination and creativity, true inspiration for the fantastical, into the world.

Instead of the doomed frontal assaults favored by her magical brethren, she opted for a different tact. In her youth she was ensnared by fairytales and traveling showmen who would perform strange and wondrous feats that seemed to stretch the limits of reality. Taking up the pen as a successful copy editor, it was during the publication of her first children’s book that her magic truly awoke.

Children were the key, she came to realize. Though adults controlled the world as it is, children controlled what the world could be. With enough outreach, subtle prodding, and encouragement, perhaps she could instill a lingering wonder, imagination into the adults of tomorrow, helping to start the smallest of tremors that could, in some future age, become an avalanche of reawakening.

At book signings and press events she all but ignored the adults, focusing all of her attention on the children, encouraging them to believe, to trust that the world was not just that which stood before their eyes. She performed small sleight-of-hand tricks and minor prestidigitation – nothing that the Technocracy could track her through – in order to help further the idea that the children and their dreams mattered in a way that wasn’t acknowledged by other adults.

She hoped that, in time, she’d be able to reach just enough children, some critical threshold, that would help the world change some day, even if it came in an age far beyond her own life.

Recommended Skills: Expression, Subterfuge, Performance

Suggested Spheres: Life, Forces, Spirit, Mind

Suggested Traditions: Celestial Chorus, Dreamspeakers, Verbena