A lot of jobs fall into the “morally grey” category, where if anyone gets hurt, it’s by accident and not design. This is not one of those runs, chummers – this is pure wetwork, trying to stop some real nasty characters from continuing their business.

Luckner Duvalier runs an underground body-trade service, providing to-order corpses, in whole or part, for anyone who’s willing to pay. Remember that up-and-coming simsense starlet that went missing last month? Rumor has it that she was only the most public of his victims. Scores of unknowns have been snatched, maimed, or otherwise brutalized by his crew, all in the name of profit.

I’m sure some of his buyers have the facade of a clear conscience by claiming they don’t know where Duvalier gets his parts, but that’s some very thin weaseling, if you ask me. I can only hope that most of his victims end up in underground research facilities, but even that’s cold comfort. This monster is making a mint by terrorizing whole communities.

My contact has a line on Duvalier’s second in command, François Cambronne, and some upcoming travel routes. The job is to capture him, get him to spill on his boss, then put an end to the business once and for all.

I have no doubt the money will be significant for an operation of this size, but I also understand that wetwork is far from everyone’s cup of tea, no matter the end justification. At the end of the day there are others like Duvalier who will work to fill demand, but at least this job will close the curtain on the largest body-legging operation we’ve ever seen around these parts.

Header image taken by omi, whose work I genuinely appreciate for its composition and feeling. This run idea was inspired by stories of the horrible atrocities committed in Haiti by the Tonton Macoute. I’m not providing a link because the work they were engaged in is truly stomach-churning.