Having established the Lavis Union as a technological and scientific powerhouse in the galaxy, there remained only one primary threat to our continued stability – seeds of discontent spread by rebellious factions and power-brokers operating in the shadows. As all other civilizations looked on, our long-range scanners finally traced the hold-out for these manipulative agitators, buried deep within the Sasharim system near a tumultuous black hole known as “Faranis, the Reaper.”

These individuals had sewn disloyalty across the galaxy, in almost every empire we had encountered. All signs pointed to them, and with our navy stopping the spread of their vile influence, our leadership role in the galaxy would be assured.

Though intelligence was scarce, our admirals knew our fleet was roughly equivalent in might to the defensive structures erected to protect the hostiles. Time was against us, for the eyes of all empires were watching – would we stand up to this insidious threat, or would we bide time, giving all appearance that others would perform the opening salvos for us?

With a new breed of carrier-class warships leading the charge, admiral Rhizome of Brown, the celebrated leader of our defensive fleet, began the long journey toward the remote battlefield. Skirting around the immense pull of Faranis, our fleet took long days in preparation for the battle to come.

As the FTL drives wound down, our fleet found itself opposed by no less than forty enemy ships and a truly powerful defensive platform – home of the enemy leadership our troops had flown so far to find. The skies erupted with missiles, lasers, and artillery fire, and in the chaos of battle few back home could discern exactly what was happening.

When communications quieted, shrapnel filling the large system, one voice rang out from the darkness – Rhizome of Brown, announcing the utter annihilation of the enemy fleet. Cheers erupted from our soldiers’ homeworlds, even as they mourned the loss of so many whose sacrifice was pivotal in turning the tide of battle.

A cautious and soft-spoken admiral, Rhizome rarely spoke of what happened during those terrifying days, but in military academies across the empire copies of officer reflections and battle tactics were soon found, both praising the strategic and tactical genius of our commanders and also the final eradication of the truly despicable threat to our peace and good order.