It’s easy to forget that there are still good people in the world, living as we do in the dark cracks of civilization between the stony-faced corporate overlords who seem to run everything. Sometimes we forget that corporations, governments, even civil groups have their own momentum, their own inertia, that may not reflect what each person therein wants or believes.

I know plenty of runners who have run afoul of or have a bone to pick with the UCAS military, particularly the many senior officers who call Fort Lewis their home. Security is tight, punishments are severe, and there are enough armaments kept inside to make anyone think twice about starting a fuss. Luckily for everyone, tonight there’s a job that neither has the team supporting the UCAS or working directly against it. We have on our hands a worried enlistee, wanting to make sure her team doesn’t get in over their head.

Sergeant Johnson, for lack of a better name, is looking for a team well-versed in recon, preferably one with a low operational body-count. The aim is to follow several unsuspecting but trained operatives as they leave base for a mysteriously weekly “rendezvous,” make sure things are on the up and up, and get background information about the person or people they meet. She says next week’s meeting is supposed to be “a big night,” but doesn’t know what that entails.

That she’d rather hire outside help than go to her superiors speaks either to the sensitivity of what she thinks is going on, or that she genuinely cares about these mates of hers and doesn’t want to see their careers ruined with official investigations and reprimand for whatever gets uncovered. That and the brass always prefer things to be handled within the unit, when possible.

Start putting the word out for an intel-gathering team, particularly one with (positive) former relationships with military life. If these grunts are in over their head, I’m sure the Sergeant J wouldn’t mind her boys getting some unexpected back-up.

A big thank you to @GameFoodGuy for inspiring me to write out this run prompt with a great suggestion on the @HumanTheFixer Shadowrun-based Twitter account!