Chummers, I have some bad news. Many of you in the local scene knew Jimmy Dorn, fixer for up-and-coming Shadowrunners. Heck, he probably got some of you your first real jobs, helped you fence the loot, and eventually moved you into the bigger world when you outgrew his contacts. Unfortunately even modern medicine can’t work miracles all the time, and Dorn was found dead the other day, death ruled “natural causes.”

Something’s some to light that’s making a lot of people uncomfortable, and it may be worth it for you to take up this job for your own safety as much as the pay – it seems Jimmy kept records on every single transaction he brokered: the who, the what, the when, and the how much. Runs, gear, private introductions, he kept it all. Obviously that’s making some very important people very jittery.

The run is “simple,” my friends. Break into Jimmy’s high-end apartment, find the paydata, and destroy it. He may have hidden it somewhere else, but if so I’m sure he left clues behind as to where.

There are a lot of names in that book of his, and I know a lot of people would pay top-dollar for the information inside, but trust me when I say anyone caught handing it over to either the authorities or the corps will find themselves on everyone’s drek-list. Be a professional, and do what you’re paid to do.

After all, it’s what Jimmy taught you when you were just getting started, right?