Every atom heavier than Hydrogen was forged in the hearts of stars, those celestial furnaces which progressively fused heavier and heavier elements until – when no more energy could be extracted – a powerful explosion rocked the cosmos, creating even denser materials which were then flung far and wide, seeding the rest of known space with the remnants of its destruction. Each gold ring, iron girder, and sandy beach comes from the violent death of stars unfathomable ages ago.

Some say that molecules have a resonance, a memory of its previous forms. As the ash remembers the flame and the its unburned state beforehand, so too does every single atom in the universe remember its neighbors, partners, created in those solar forges across eons and light-years of spacetime. Matter may be beaten into new shapes, altered in color or substance, even combined into new materials alien to its humble beginnings, but matter does not forget its roots or the journey it took to reach the present day.

It is not a difficult thing, for one adept enough to listen to the faint notes and tones vibrating through the universe, to clearly see how matter interacts, how it was born, and how it desires to be again. All one has to do is remind it of that place and time so far away, so long ago, when all was one, in the heart of a star. Making a change is simply a matter of convincing the atoms to return home, where they already want to go.

Suggested Spheres: Matter, Forces
Suggested Traditions: Order of Hermes, Cult of Ecstasy
Suggested Concepts: Geologist, String Theorist, Materials Engineer, Artist (any physical medium)