Though the threat of the fast-moving aliens stood at the forefront of everyone’s minds, the stellar council began debates on expanding our empire farther, particularly due to the rich minerals and exotic resources discovered in the Evarym system. The Committee of Technocratic Reform argued that the minerals and elements found there would boost our scientific advances, while others believed the not-insignificant cost of building an outpost so far from home would be better put toward rebuilding the navy, still reeling from its losses.

Scientists aboard the ISS Warm Sunrise discovered a trove of pirate treasure left over from a previous space-faring civilization. Our growing population was proud to see that we, recent newcomers to life among the vast cosmos, had already proven ourselves better than those who would prey on helpless passersby. The military was interested in some of the discovered technology, while much of the recovered material was analyzed and studied for any special qualities.

New contact was made with a large force of previously-unknown aliens, composing three fully-outfitted fleets of advanced warships designed almost entirely out of crystal. All thoughts of expanding the empire were put on hold as the council unanimously agreed to fund a powerful defensive fleet designed to protect our most strategic assets from harm. Both the inhabitants of Alaris and Hizzel III waited for news of the opening salvos in the war that was sure to come. Luckily little had been heard from the Fist of God rebels during this tumultuous time.

After many months of study, and daring scientific expeditions, the Crystalline Entities were finally determined to be a new type of “silicate-animate matter,” completely unlike traditional biological life previously explored. They did not seem to age or reproduce, but the beginnings of a caste system could be observed. Very dangerous and very aggressive, our navy kept a wary eye on their movements as it began to prepare for a defensive strike to protect our citizens from the encroaching danger.

In 2215-11 the Fist of God made their presence known, emerging from the Edasich system allied with a powerful ship of unknown design. The science vessel Warm Sunrise was caught unprepared and emergency warped away, unable to safely escape the enemies before our navy could arrive on-scene. Suspecting a trap organized between the rebellion and the Crystalline Entities, our fleet withdrew from the system after a brief exchange, unwilling to be caught between an alliance of two powerful foes. Admiral Stalk of Olive was praised for his intuition, and the large Alarian spaceport expansion was named in his honor, designed to build the next generation of combat ships for his command.