Chance replayed the video while his agent sat across the executive plastisteel desk, nervously looking everywhere except his boss’ eyes. Time and time again the monitor showed the client not only refusing a delivery but also returning an unwanted previous shipment. Chance’s fingers drummed on his desk, a sour expression on his face as he watched the failed delivery. The pilot knew better than to speak first.

“It’s time to make things right,” he began slowly, finally looking at the young pilot. “You’re going to take seven other agents with you and you will give away as many torpedoes as it takes to make this right. Give them to this customer, her friends, her corp-mates, anyone who she could have told about this encounter. What’s our motto?”

“‘The customer experience is all that matters,'” the pilot responded quickly. It was not only WINGSPAN Delivery Service’s guiding principle, it was also the first line of every chapter in the training manual. It was drilled into every prospective agent, because while there were plenty of other corporations out there that claimed to make friendly deliveries, only WINGSPAN truly believed in providing the highest levels of customer service. If a customer were left unsatisfied, it would reflect extremely poorly on the corporation as a whole.

“That’s right,” Chance nodded sagely, “so go take a fleet back to that pilot’s home system and make this right. I don’t care how much product we have to give away.”

The pilot nodded, almost deep enough to be a bow, before standing and making the long walk out of the office. Chance sighed and freed up a truly overzealous amount of munitions for the delivery. At the end of the day, it really was all about the customer, and getting the service they deserved. He started writing the gift tag that would be sent with the complimentary deliveries.

Ms. Nefar,

My sincere apologies for the failed delivery an agent recently made to your location. With so many pirate vessels around we thought additional armaments could help turn the tide of battle. Reading the automatic delivery logs it seems you called our team member a “parasite.” I must sincerely apologize, both for myself and for my corporation as a whole, that you believed we were in league with those dastardly space pirates.

Our efforts will always be to provide the best customer service possible, and to that end I am including several full racks of complimentary torpedoes, missiles, and party bots by way of apology and promise to serve you and your corporation more fully in the future.

Chance Ravinne
CEO, WINGSPAN Delivery Services

It was his sincere hope that his fleet could make a long-term home of the target system, ensuring as frequent and as constant of deliveries as the corporate stores could muster.